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If you frequently travel through areas where you don’t have mobile phone coverage, TeleBiz can recommend an appropriate Satellite Phone package. TeleBiz stocks a range of satellite phones, connected to various satellite networks.

Handheld Satellite phones look like a mobile phone however they work much differently, as they communicate directly with satellites located between 15-40km above the earth. Consequently, most satellite phones will operate anywhere on the globe, provided there is clear line-of-sight to the sky.

Our most popular model of Satellite Phone is currently the Inmarsat IsatPhonePro. The IsatPhonePro operates on the Inmarsat I-4 network, which is a constellation of 3 geosynchronous orbit satellites, 35,786km above the earth. This network achieves almost global coverage, with the only exceptions on earth being the north and south poles. This is because the I4 satellite constellation orbits at the earth’s equator. The Inmarsat network will reach 98% of the global population.



Inmarsat IM-4 Coverage

Inmarsat IM-4 Coverage


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Important Pricing Details

On the Inmarsat network, subscribers can be pre or post-paid. Prepaid units sold by TeleBiz are priced at roughly $1 per unit*, and calls originating from an Inmarsat subscriber will be billed at roughly 1 unit per minute for landline calls (around 1.25 units p/m for mobile calls). No costs are incurred to an Inmarsat satellite service for receiving calls or SMS from a non-satellite service.

If you are trying to get in contact with an Inmarsat Satellite service, we highly recommend you send a free SMS to the satellite phone using the Inmarsat website, signalling the satellite phone owner to return your call at the much cheaper Inmarsat call rate.

* Please note that other providers of Inmarsat Prepaid units commonly charge a higher price per 25/50/100/200 etc units, making their per-minute call rates more expensive. All prepaid unit prices on this page are applicable to TeleBiz only.