Initial Setup Costs & Procedures

Some business telephone systems are VOIP compatible – in this case, we will utilise this feature of your phone system to connect to the VOIP provider and you will not require any additional hardware to achieve amazing savings on your business’ outbound telephone calls.

If your existing telephone system does not have VOIP functionalities built-in, you will be required to invest in an affordably priced peice of hardware which will act as an adaptor between the internet and a line on your phone system, or directly to your telephone.


Monthly Fees

The monthly subscription fee for TeleBiz VOIP service is a mere $10, which is very affordable compared to a minimum of around $40 from Telstra! This $10 monthly fee stays the same regardless of how many or how little amount of calls you make.


What happens with my existing phone number?

You will keep your existing phone number, and you will also receive another landline/local phone number.

You will have the option of your existing phone number being displayed on Caller-ID screens, or your new VOIP number. A vast majority of our VOIP customers choose to have their existing number “over-stamped”, to save confusion and retain caller-ID consistancy when staff are making outbound calls.

Of course, you’re also more than welcome to advise your customers and staff of your new VOIP phone number if you wish to have an additional inbound line!


My business makes many simultaneous outbound calls;
Can we have more than one VOIP line?

Of course! The only limitation to the amount of VOIP lines/numbers you can have is the quality of your internet connection. Most business-grade internet connections such as BigPond Business will have a sufficient upstream speed to cater for multiple lines, while still providing high speed internet to your computers. The NBN Network is a fantastic upgrade for the VoIP phone lines. Once connected to the NBN, your VoIP lines will be more defined and clear  rather than with normal ADSL.


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