Do you sell or rent satellite phones?

TeleBiz does sell and rent satellite phones. Please contact us with any questions regarding satellite phones.

Every remote traveller, resident or worker should pack a handheld satellite phone. Apart from communicating conveniently, satellite phones are a critical safety device for use in areas where there is no mobile phone coverage (land or sea) and when accidents happen, a satellite phone could be the lifesaver.

All our satellite phones (purchased or rented) include GPS, SMS texts, voice calls, and the ability to dial “000” or “112” free of charge.


Post-paid or pre-paid for my satellite phone?

Satellite phone technology is constantly improving and today we offer customers a wide choice of economical pre-paid or post-paid options. As a general rule, the majority of casual users prefer pre-paid, whereas commercial entities opt for either pre-paid or post-paid plans (depending on the model of the satellite phone) from as little as $15 per month plus calls at 99c per minute. All our satellite phones include GPS, SMS texts, voice calls, and the ability to dial “000” or “112” free of charge.


Do you sell business phone systems?

TeleBiz does sell business phone systems. Business phone systems are more popular than ever and the price of calls has decreased considerably for calls via NBN/VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Reliable phone communications is paramount for any business and we want you and your customers to always have mutually enjoyable conversations.  Talk to us today about the latest features of business phone systems to make your business easier and more productive.


Do you supply after-sales support and general support?

TeleBiz provides support services for all the products we sell. We employ technicians that can visit your site (within distance) either in Far North Queensland or South Australia. We also have very close working relationships with our suppliers and many skilled IT&T contractors to ensure our customers always receive premium support. We prefer our customers to always contact us during normal business hours (8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday), however, in case of an emergency, we are normally contactable 24/7 via our HQ main number: 07 4040 2000 or 0417 770 177. Calls to the main office number are diverted to the mobile phone number after-hours.