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Critical Information Summary 

What is a critical information summary?


This information provides customers with the terms and conditions of a sale, inclusive of statutory rights and who to contact if they are not satisfied with the product or the vendor.

TeleBiz and its managers are proud to state that in our 30 plus years of trading, we have never been the recipient of a demand from a customer or consumer advocacy group such as ACCC, Fair Trade, TIO, etc. This is an outstanding record of exemplary customer service and to the best of our knowledge, no other ICT-Telco service provider shares this outstanding record.

ICT – Telco is a complex and dynamic environment where challenging problems can arise without warning, e.g. internet outages caused by electrical storms or cyberattacks. If any of our customers report a problem, we immediately take ownership to help resolve the issue asap and prevent reoccurrence.   

Over 50% of our new clients have switched their services to TeleBiz because they were dissatisfied with their previous service provider, and TeleBiz has the lowest client churn/port out ratio of any ICT-Telco CSP in Australia, which is another example of our trustworthy dedication to our customers.

TeleBiz prides itself upon respecting our customers and always providing superior customer service. 

TeleBiz Satellite Phones

TeleBiz Fized Line (SIP/VoIP)

TeleBiz Technical Services

Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code

Telecommunications Consumer Complaints Handling

Competition and Consumer Act 2010

Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011

TeleBiz Support Guarantee Overview

TeleBiz NBN

TeleBiz Mobiles

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