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Thuraya’s XT-PRO is the world’s most advanced satellite phone. Designed for professional users, this rugged and robust satellite handset is equipped with a long battery life, ensuring you stay connected wherever you are.


The first satellite phone on the market that features all three major navigation systems, this highly flexible phone has GPS, Beidou and Glonass capability. Featuring the biggest display of any satellite phone on the market, this satellite handset comes with hardened Gorilla® glass to suit the harshest of environments.



The screen is glare resistant, allowing optimal visibility in bright sunlight and a brightness sensor automatically adjusts the backlight of your display.

Size - Biggest display in industry (2.4 inch)

Navigation Systems - Selectable navigation systems; GPS, BeiDou & Glonass

Talk-time - Up to 9 hours talk-time & 100 hours standby time

SOS & Protection - In-built SOS button. Jet water, & dust resistant, shock proof


Thuraya’s XT-PRO

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