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TeleBiz is an Australian regional market leader in the supply and support of handheld satellite phones and commercial satellite voice & data solutions. We are an Authorised Dealer for every Sat Phone model and every Sat Phone network carrier in Australia, meaning we can ensure that you choose the best solution for your specific requirements.

If you frequently travel through areas on land or at sea where you don’t have mobile phone coverage, then TeleBiz can recommend an appropriate Satellite Phone package for you.

Our most popular brands of handheld Satellite Phones at present are Thuraya and Inmarsat.
Click here for pre-paid credit for the Inmarsat IsatPhone
Every outback resident, worker and remote traveller should have a handheld Satellite Phone. Apart from communicating conveniently, satellite phones are a critical safety device for use in areas where there is no mobile phone coverage (land or sea) and when accidents happen, your Satellite Phone could be a lifesaver.

The Inmarsat “IsatPhone” has been the top-selling robust handheld satellite phone in the world in recent times and is perfect for Australia-wide coverage. It’s easy to operate, very reliable and our client feedback is absolutely fantastic!

There is a choice of several post-paid plans starting at $40 per month which are suitable if you intend on using your IsatPhone on a fairly regular basis, or there is the pre-paid option (click the green button above) which would be suitable if you don’t intend on using your IsatPhone regularly, say, you might only take it with you on the odd fishing trip that takes you outside mobile phone coverage. Also, with the pre-paid option, anyone with access to the Internet can send an unlimited amount of 160-character messages to an IsatPhone free of charge. There is no fee to receive incoming phone calls, SMS text messages or emails on the IsatPhone.

The Thuraya XT-LITE’s coverage is limited to Northern Australia and the northern hemisphere, but otherwise it’s a beaut Sat Phone, with an Aussie mobile phone number and casual post-paid plans starting at only $15 per month plus usage (calls & texts) and a once-only $25 connection fee. It is the cheapest Sat Phone to operate in Australia.

Iridium is a long-standing quality brand name and was the benchmark (and market leader) for well over a decade before the IsatPhone arrived on the scene in 2011 (and became the new market leader). However, commencing mid 2016, Iridium is replacing its 70 aged satellites with new-age technologies, so we anticipate the release of new handheld models with revised competitive pricing plans, including much better data options.

Rumour has it that Globalstar is also making a come back in 2017. (Currently only suitable for South Australia)

2017 will be an exciting year for customer choices, with another new carrier joining the line-up. Watch this space!

NB: Our primary role at TeleBiz is to ensure that you purchase the best Sat Phone for your requirements, not what the Carriers wants us to promote for their gain! You are our valued customer and we will always focus 100% on what is best for you! Everyone’s needs are different and our friendly team are always willing to guide you in selecting which Sat Phone is best for your circumstances.

Time frame from order to delivery is normally 1-3 working days and TeleBiz is your first point of contact for future support.



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