Inmarsat IsatPhone Pre-Paid Credit

All the following items are available as an ‘immediate top-up’ or a ‘voucher’ with a 12-month shelf life. The only difference is when it is applied to your satellite phone.

An ‘immediate top-up’ is a voucher that we apply straight to your phone and this is when the validity period starts; whereas a ‘voucher’┬álets you apply the credit whenever you need it, for example, vouchers are especially handy when you find yourself already outside mobile phone reception and you need some credit, but cannot contact us.

  • 50 units
  • $9900
  • 38 mins talk time or 100 standard text messages*
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Contact us to purchase
  • 500 units
  • $69900
  • 6 hrs 25 mins talk time or 1000 standard text messages*
  • Valid for 365 days

*A standard text message is 160 characters in length, including spaces and symbols.

Please note that other re-sellers of Inmarsat pre-paid units are often more expensive than us, and as such, our per-dollar call rates will differ (usually be cheaper) from the ones on their websites.