Satellite Phone Hire

TeleBiz offers reliable, high-quality satellite phone handsets for short-term hire (minimum of 3 days). Each rental kit includes a 240V AC mains charger, a 12-24V DC car charger, USB charging cable, and our legendary “Easy User Guide” with an Australian emergency directory, all of which is neatly secured in a Nanuk heavy-duty protective carry case (water/dust/shock-proof). We can arrange pick-up/delivery after-hours if required.

If you’re planning to leave mobile reception for a short period of time, but would like to retain the safety, security and peace of mind that comes with a mobile phone, then please enquire about our satellite phone rentals. Your safety is important to us.

The following categories are examples of customers who regularly benefit from the safety and security of our rental satellite phones:

  • Tourists travelling to Cape York or across Australia
  • Schools and school-age outings, e.g., Scout groups
  • Welfare groups and workers
  • Remote construction / Mining sites
  • Maritime, e.g., travelling between Australia & Papua New Guinea, or across the North of Australia
  • Remote Community Organisations
  • Real Estate Firms
  • Emergency Services, e.g., QLD Rescue Helicopter
  • Law Enforcement / Police Stations
  • Television / Theater Production
  • Government (State & Local)
  • Many more!

Rental fees are as follows:

The handset rental fee is $27.50 per day$110 per week or $396 per month, pre-paid via credit card at the time of booking.

Call/SMS charges (if you’ve made any) are calculated in arrears and invoiced to you about one month after you return the rental satellite phone.

Plus, we highly recommend that you book your satellite phone rental at least 14 – 28 days in advance to avoid disappointment. We cannot offer a satellite phone to a walk-in customer if that handset has already been reserved.