Need some help with your satphone? Here are a few common queries we receive about our satellite phones and their operation:

First of all, make sure you check the following points:

  • Ensure your antenna is deployed and pointed directly to the sky
  • Ensure your are in a stationary position while the phone is registering or in use
  • Ensure your line of sight to the sky is completely unobstructed – don’t stand under a tree or any other shelter
  • Ensure you have sufficient prepaid units of credit
  • Ensure you are dialling the correct number, including country and area code.
  • Extremely cloudy conditions or thunderstorms will affect transmission

My satellite phone is locating and connecting to the satellite, but I cannot make any calls

Please remember that when you’re dialling from a satellite phone, it’s as though you’re in a whole different country! This means that you will need to dial the international dialling code as well as the country code of the phone service you’re calling, no matter what country the receiving party is in.

For example:
If you’re dialling the TeleBiz phone number which is 07 4040 2000, you would input this into the satellite phone: 61 7 40402000.

61: Australian Country Code

7: Queensland State Code

40402000: TeleBiz Phone Number

Remember – the 61 country code will replace any zero’s at the beginning of the phone number you’re dialing!

I can receive calls & SMS without a problem, but I’m unable to dial or SMS anyone

Your problem is most likely caused by the number you’re dialling – please see the directions above.

My Satellite phone will not locate any satellites or register with the network

Make sure you’re standing still whilst the phone is registering with the network. Any movement during the registration process could cause the process to fail.

Your phone’s SIM card may not be inserted correctly. Please remove the battery from the telephone, and ensure that the SIM Card Cover is securely clipped, holding the SIM Card firmly over the contacts. If the SIM Card is raised by even a milimeter when you remove the battery, you will need to slide the SIM clip to secure it properly.

If your SIM card is inserted and secured correctly, make sure you have a clear view of the sky. Even standing under a tree could disrupt communications between your telephone and the satellite network.

There is a speech delay when i’m talking on my satellite phone

This is perfectly normal. Because satellites are located around 35km above the earth’s surface, it takes time for the voice data to reach your telephone. This is completely unavoidable with all satellite phones, regardless of network, brand, or model.

If you’re using an Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro, you can use the following number to test your handset’s connectivity: +8707 7699 9999 You do not require any prepaid credits to call this number.

Do NOT call this number from any service other than an Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Handset – this number will incur the same satellite call charges (~$20/min) if called from any other network (telstra/optus/etc). Again, only ever call this number from an Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro.